Swimming Laps is Excellent Low-impact Exercise

Person Swimming on Body of Water

If you want to provide an excellent workout for your whole body, consider starting a daily regimen of swimming laps. You’ll be exercising most of your muscles, and it’s an excellent way to lose weight. 

Now that the cooler weather is behind us and we’re heading into the hottest days of the year in Thailand, swimming also provides needed exercise without overheating you. So, now’s the perfect time to jump in and start swimming.

The equipment needs are minimal, just a swimsuit and some quality goggles that don’t apply too much pressure around your eyes. But if you’ll be swimming during the daytime and the pool you use is out in the open, you might consider wearing a full-body swimsuit to protect your arms, back and legs from getting sunburned. You can also swim in a t-shirt and apply waterproof sunscreen to your arms and legs. 

No Need for Speed

The idea in lap swimming is to swim for as long as an hour or two without getting tired. That may seem to be an impossible goal, but once you start swimming, you’ll steadily increase your swimming time. 

There’s no need for speed as you’re not in a race. The trick is to make it as painless as possible. Start with a few laps in a normal pool length of twenty metres or so. Increase the laps by one or two a day for a week or by one or two minutes of swimming time. 

The next week start with your highest total time or laps and go on from there. Try to keep track of your laps or time you spend swimming, so you can steadily improve.  

Lap swimming is almost a form of meditation. You pay attention to your body and breathing and try and forget about everything else. Your knees will stop bothering you as you lose weight, and your muscles will become toned. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming effortlessly for an hour or more.

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