Beat the Competition with Local SEO Services

In the old days of retail marketing, it was only “location, location, location” that mattered. Shop owners paid more for a location on a busy street, and the best locations were generally on corners where shop owners could count on extra traffic. 

Digital marketing is beginning to change all that. A successful brand online might be located in a nondescript building on a dead-end street. What matters is being noticed on the internet and attracting customers to your products and services. For that, you need the skills and experience that local SEO services can provide. 

When Local Business is All You Need

Many small business owners pay for a website and then shoot for the moon in their approach to marketing their products. They skip right over the local customer in their eagerness to spread their brand name all over the country or the world. 

This can backfire on a brand that sells, say, denim jeans, sparkling bottled water, or t-shirts. Those products can be found anywhere. It’s highly unlikely that people will beat a path to any shop that’s more than a few kilometres away. 

These brick and mortar shop owners will benefit the most from partnering with an SEO company that can offer a local SEO approach to marketing. Having a Google My Business (GMB) page that’s optimised to show all your relevant business information is one of the first exercises shop owners should ask of their new SEO partners. Making your address, phone number and links to your social media pages known is vital. And setting up a business profile on GMB is absolutely free.  

The importance of a GMB profile is that it increases your brand awareness to the people that are most likely to become your loyal customers, those that live in your area. Making use of a GMB page together with a Facebook page or LINE page means a solid connection between you and the people who not only would be likely to visit your shop but would visit it repeatedly. 

Establishing your brand as a local business creates a camaraderie between your brand and your customers. And your local SEO agency can help grow this connection. 

Overtake the Competition with Google Map Pack

By using content marketing along with Google Map Pack, your local business can steer user traffic away from competing businesses in the area and towards your brand’s door. The Google Map Pack feature targets the highest-ranking keywords a user enters to highlight three businesses in your area that use the same high-ranking keywords entered by the user.

If your brand name consistently shows up in the Google Map Pack results, more people will start remembering the brand. You’re going to have a steady stream of customers through your door and the opportunity to make them repeat customers. 

Primal is an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. For local businesses in Thailand that want to learn more about the benefits of taking a local marketing strategy, please get in touch with us to set up an appointment. Become a market leader in your industry with Primal as your marketing partner.  

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