Don’t Let the Cool Temperatures Fool You, It’s Still the Tropics

Don’t Let Cool Temperatures Fool You in the Tropics

Many people are getting out and taking advantage of the cooler weather that happens in Southeast Asia at this time of year. They’re taking long walks along a secluded beach, playing an energetic game of football in the park or trying to jog and run for a longer period of time. 

Cooler temperatures and lower humidity mean a person naturally feels more active outdoors. But this energy can come back to bite you if you’re not careful. This is still the tropics, and the sun still has the power to ruin a perfectly beautiful and productive day. 

The Sun is More Damaging in the Tropics

The fact is, you’re a few degrees closer to the sun near the equator. That’s why it’s always warmer in the tropics. People from temperate countries particularly can get into trouble when vacationing in the tropics, and the winter blesses us with days of cooler temperatures. They take it as an excuse to forget about applying sunscreen or rehydrating enough to counteract the effects of the sun because they don’t notice it immediately. 

But after a few hours of having fun in the sun, they’ll certainly notice when they get weak and dizzy from dehydration or their skin is on fire from a bad case of sunburn. 

The sun is more damaging in the tropics, so people on vacation in Southeast Asia always have to pay more attention to the dangers. 

If you’re not sure what the day’s schedule has in store for you, get in the habit of putting sunscreen right after breakfast, just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and applying sunscreen at the start of your day will remind you to carry it all day long in your backpack or tote bag. 

While you’re at it, add a liter of water to the bag also. You should never assume that water will be available everywhere you go. And take a hat along with you and a long-sleeved shirt or top. Respecting the power of the tropical sun means you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the cooler weather safely.

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