Introducing Your Child to a Musical Instrument

Many parents marvel at the phenomenal skills of childhood prodigies they see on TV or YouTube and think about the success their own child would enjoy if they could play like that. They may even consider starting their child on a regimen of lessons that would turn them into the next Yo-Yo Ma. 

But musical talent is a gift that not every child is born with. Still, it’s worth finding out whether your child is exhibiting more than just a passing interest when they spend an excessive amount of time on their toy piano or ukulele. 

Music can reveal a whole new world for children. It can spur their creativity and cause them to exercise a valuable sense of discipline. But music appeals to some children naturally and doesn’t appeal to others at all. Your child should never be forced to learn about music. This can lead to them hating the art form for the rest of their lives.  

Wait Until They Beg You for Lessons

You’ll know if your child is interested in music because they’ll tell you they want to learn how to play. But even then, you should proceed with caution. Wait until it’s all they talk about. And whatever instrument they’re interested in learning, make sure it’s easily available and can be rented in the early days of their lessons. 

Monitor their lessons now and then to ensure they’re progressing and not getting frustrated. This can kill their enthusiasm for the instrument. Also, make sure that the instrument is the right size for their age. Trying to play an instrument that’s too big for them can be frustrating as well. 

By monitoring their progress and giving them time to get used to playing, your child may find a pastime they can become proficient in and enjoy for the rest of their life.

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