Major Exporters of Thai Foods and Sauces

Thai cuisine is well-known all around the world. People around the globe love the complex combination of sweet, sour and spicy that is found in Thai cooking. From famous dishes like pad thai to versatile sauces like sriracha, flavours of Thailand have found their way into restaurants and households across the world. This article will introduce you to the top exporters of Thai foods and sauces who meet this demand.

Thai Hao

Thai Hao is a well-known exporter of Thai food and sauce. Their main export is fermented fish sauces and various seasonings used in Thai cooking.

Insiam Group Co. Inc.

Another company that deals primarily in fresh fruits is Insiam Group Co. Inc. This company exports mangoes and mango products, such as mango juice and mango puree. They also carry lime juice and coconut milk, as well as some seafood items, including prawns, fish, and fish paste.

City Food Company Limited

City Food Company Limited is an exporter of Thai food and sauce that offers clients a wide range of options. Their top products include sriracha sauce, sweet chili sauce, teriyaki sauce, curry paste, and sauces for particular dishes, including tom yum, basil stir-fry sauce, and green curry spaghetti sauce.

Diamond Preserved Food Co., Ltd.

As an exporter of Thai food and sauces, Diamond Preserved Food Co., Ltd. offers many tasty options. They export sweet chili sauce, sukiyaki sauce, chili sauce, rice vinegar, sushi seasoning, and lime juice. 

Blueberry Trading Co Ltd.

Blueberry Trading Co Ltd also exports many Thai products. They specialise in dried fish, rice, spices, and a variety of canned food and Thai sauces. 

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