Much has been made about the ongoing danger to the world’s oceans by the increase in plastics. The oceans of the world are becoming dumping grounds for a lot of the world’s trash. And an increasing component of this trash is plastics. 

Almost every country has laws against this dumping, but few have the money or means to enforce the laws. But maybe by making the trash too valuable to throw away, the world can solve the dumping problem. PET bottle manufacturers are leading the way in making their products out of recyclable materials. What may be needed is an education program in countries that have a low percentage of recycling to make recycling a part of a country’s everyday habits. 

Versatility of PET Bottles

The versatility of the products made by forward-thinking pet bottle manufacturers means that beverage, food and cosmetics manufacturers are turning to PET bottles as the packaging material of choice for their products. 

The PET bottles of today are of superior quality to the bottles that most of us grew up with, and we’re finding them used in more and more of the products that we buy regularly. The walls of these containers are now of a more uniform thickness, which makes them suitable for other products besides beverages. This increase in the use of PET bottles also helps increase their recycling. It’s more efficient and cheaper to recycle a large amount of the same type of material than smaller amounts of different materials. 

Spread the Word About the Value of Recycling

By expanding the design and uses of Pet bottles, the manufacturers are encouraging consumers to increase their recycling of the bottles. But while the manufacturers are doing what they can to make it easier and more profitable to recycle PET bottles, countries around the world, particularly those bordering the world’s oceans, need to increase recycling awareness in their populations. 

Recycling varies dramatically between countries. While Finland and India boast recycling levels of PET bottles reaching 90%, Europe recycles only 48% of their bottles, and the US contributed only a dismal 31% in 2013. 

Clearly, there is room for improvement in many countries. And with the oceans continuing to face declining fish populations and having to deal with the global warming issue, humankind needs to do everything we can to decrease the damage we are doing to the earth through the disposal practices of plastics. 

Luckily, with the expanded use of PET bottles, more small business entrepreneurs are eyeing the recycling business as a viable micro-business in various countries. As the manufacturers of Pet Bottles keep finding new designs and ways to use a single material, recycling opportunities will continue to grow. And as they grow, the health of the world’s oceans will improve.

Recycling can make a large difference in the health of the planet, but countries that offer a low percentage of recycling need to get organised and increase their contribution. We’re all in this together.   

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