Most people have a Netflix account. Besides a face mask and hand sanitizer, a Netflix account is a highly valued part of any COVID-19 survival kit. It’s kept a lot of people from going crazy after months of lockdown. 

There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the world’s most successful brands, and it’s grown in membership worldwide because of the pandemic. But for all the benefits that COVID has provided to Netflix, the one thing that’s disappointing is the death of all the great stories that have been cancelled because of the production delays caused by the pandemic. 

These days, it’s dangerous to get involved with any clever storyline at Netflix. It may leave you hanging without a conclusion. 

Bait and Switch

Before the pandemic even started, Netflix was starting to produce their own content. They were starting to exhibit the disturbing habit of cancelling a show before it even found its audience. 

Netflix was lord and master of their content, and they seemed to forget that they had an audience that was watching too. It was like a bait and switch operation where they knew you were tuning in expecting to find ‘A’. But they had ‘B’ instead, which was just as good.

It seemed like they were a streaming service that had morphed into a production company without knowing or caring that people got connected to their stories. 

It must be just as bad for the creators of these quality shows. Imagine planning out in your head a few years of a story arc and putting all the work of casting and writing into it only to have the rug pulled out from under you after one season. 

It will be interesting to see how well Netflix does after the pandemic is well and truly over. Netflix might be over as well. 

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