Lady Gaga is one of the most popular celebrities in the world and is beloved by many of her fans as a down-to-earth, kind and woke human being in addition to being an amazing singer and actress. 

Lady Gaga has always had a very iconic and unique personal style which has been definitive of her entire career, though her musical styles have evolved as she showed us more of her classical and acoustic chops in addition to the pop masterpieces that most people know her for. 

One element of Gaga’s style that has captured fans’ attention for many years are the tattoos that she proudly displays on stage, runways, and at award shows. This article will give you an overview of some of her more definitive inked body art pieces.

The Trumpet

One of Gaga’s most iconic tattoos is the trumpet inked on the inside of her right bicep. This is one of her music related ink pieces. Linked with her love of jazz, this tattoo was designed by Tony Bennet, the musician she collaborated with on her old-school album, “Cheek to Cheek.”

The Monster Tattoos

Lady Gaga has several “monster” tattoos that are actually tributes to her fans. These include a manicured hand covered in lace and beads that can be seen on her ribcage known as the “monster paw.” This is a sign of any Lady Gaga superfan and she has added a couple more fan tribute tattoos to this collection including the words “Little Monsters” and “Mother Monster” in other locations.

The Rose

Another large and beautiful piece of ink that Gaga sports is the huge rose along her spine adorned with the words “la vie en rose.” This tattoo is in tribute to her film “A Star Is Born” that was added after she performed in it. It is also a nod to the classic song matching the tattoo’s words, which has special meaning for her.

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