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Save as Many Tourism Businesses as You Can

For residents of Thailand, the past 18-months have been full of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the New Year holiday period, a second outbreak of the virus halted travel plans for many people looking to visit their friends and relatives or just get away for a while. 

During the recent Songkran holidays, another outbreak has again curtailed the plans of frustrated travelers around the country. But if these outbreaks are frustrating to the average person, think of what they’ve meant to the citizens who serve the tourism industry. 

Support Experienced Tourism Vendors

Thailand’s tourism industry has, in effect, been out of business for more than a year at this point. Many shops, restaurants, bars, and tour companies have closed their doors forever, and their properties are for sale. Hundreds of small and medium hotels and guesthouses are for sale as well. 

The remainder of the businesses hanging on need the help of the rest of Thailand. There isn’t going to be any “bouncing back” for the tourism industry if all these businesses are left to fail and be bought up by other entrepreneurs. Not if they are run by inexperienced people who know nothing about the services they’re offering. 

Thailand was world-famous for the tourist experiences it offered. But the experiences were as much about the interaction with friendly, knowledgable and efficient people as the facilities and services they provided. 

The Right People for the Job

By supporting as many of these experienced businesses as possible during the pandemic, we are helping preserve a tourism industry that the country can be proud of once the pandemic is over. Allowing these people and businesses to fail will cause a tourism industry that’s a shell of its former self to emerge. The new industry will be run by inexperienced people out to capitalize on their investments. We need to keep as many of the right people in the right jobs as possible to ensure the survival of the Thai tourism industry. 

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